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The Right Choice for Change

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MEET Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker

Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

First, I want to thank you for electing me in 2020 to the Antioch City Council District 1!

In the last two years I have grown as a mother, a grandmother, an advocate and as a person in ways I had never expected. It has given me the strength to be a stronger and wiser leader in our community. My growth has given me the strength to continue to fight for my community to making the right choices. I have used that strength and experience to build stronger relationships with other community leaders and organizations in order to create new programs like the creation of a new City Department focused on reducing gun violence; passed laws that banned oil and gas drilling, shut down a pipeline that transported gas through Antioch, equipping police with body cameras, and petrol vehicles with dashcams, established a police oversight board that ensures transparency and creating a mobile mental health crisis team; a new rent stabilization law and transitional housing options for the chronically homeless; and brought in $300,000 for youth prevention and intervention programs and $1.8 million for violence prevention. I would like to believe since being elected to the city council I have been able to make impact on the other members of the council and improve the leadership and direction of the city of Antioch.  

I will continue to work hard to make sure our most vulnerable are protected and that our community's voices are heard and that their needs are met. With your help I want to ensure that our essential workers and renters get protection, and that we do everything we can to build a safe, thriving community.


I still live in District 1 and want to build on the progress we have made in Antioch.  

My home for my family and for generations to come.


 Antioch City Councilwoman District 1 - 
Executive Director of the Safe Return Project

 Your Antioch City Councilwoman District 1 since 2020!

The Safe Return Project is a nonprofit that works to dismantle the mass incarceration system and utilize funds for community rehabilitation and prevention efforts. 

This multiple program nonprofit recruits and trains formerly incarcerated community members on how they can organize change by conducting policy research and communicating their own first-hand experiences.

It has involved over 30 formerly incarcerated community members, including a fellowship program, and has impacted over 90 million dollars in local and state budgets.

Friday Tea at Ten

New episodes to come!


"I know that our government is far from perfect and good families can and are being left behind and struggling. I believe this is unfair and as a life-long community advocate I have both the experience and knowledge of what it takes to make the right change in our community. For the last ten years I have worked across multiple coalitions and collaborations to create meaningful change for everywhere I call home. Antioch is my home, and I want Antioch to be home for my family through multiple generations..."


Contra Costa Labor Council

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I am very honored to  have the endorsement of the Contra Costa Labor Council

Since 1959 the Contra Costa Labor Council has been the local body of the AFL-CIO and coordinates a regional body for labor cooperation and unity. As a membership organization, the Contra Costa Labor Council serves as a coalition for over 85 labor unions and represents more than 80,000 union members and their families right here in Contra Costa County.

As City Council Member for Antioch I will be dedicated to ensuring that our workers and their families are included in helping to shape the future of Antioch. Together, I believe the right change is to be completely holistic and identify where our budget is not working and reorganize our budget to reflect our values.

I believe having many opportunities for meaningful work with livable family raising wages is crucial to reducing gun violence and the school to prison pipeline.

Meaningful work creates a healthy thriving Antioch.

Thank you Contra Costa Labor Council!


Here is an opportunity to do something that will positively impact the community.

There are many ways to volunteer, such as walking door-to-door and hosting fundraising events. Help Tamisha make a difference and let us know how you can help.
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