Working Families Party

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I am honored to have the endorsement of the Working Families Party. 

The Working Families Party is a national progressive political organization that is helping to recruit the next generation of progressive leaders.

The Working Families Party believes “no matter what you look like or where you’re from, most of us want the same things. We want to earn enough to thrive, not just survive, and leave a better future for our kids. We want healthy food and clean water, safe neighborhoods and a safe world. We want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We want to be free.”

As City Council Member I want to bring these values to every resident in Antioch regardless of what you look like or where you come from.

Thank you Working Families Party


LiftUp Contra Costa Action

I am excited to have the endorsement of Lift Up Contra Costa Action.

This is a coalition of community based organizations and labor unions dedicated to improving Contra Costa's standard of living for all families and communities in Contra Costa. We helped engage our community members with the recent District Attorney race and helped empower them with the knowledge and actions to change their community systemically and including the court and judicial system.

Thank you Lift Up Contra Costa Action!

SEIU Local 1021

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Really honored to have the endorsement of SEIU Local 1021

When I am apart of a direct action, I can be sure to count on SEIU 1021 to show up. They defend the community I am apart of and I am honored to have their endorsement!

Visit to learn more!

SEIU Local 1021 represents nearly 60,000 employees with a mission is to ensure that all workers and their families have a voice in our Union, as well as our workplace, government, and communities. We envision a society where all workers and their families live and work in dignity and respect. (Abbreviated From the SEIU 1021 website)

Marsh Creek Democratic Club

I am honored to have the endorsement of the Marsh Creek Dems

“The Marsh Creek Democratic Club’s goal is to have a vehicle where we could provide activism opportunities for members of our community who share our values of Inclusion, Equity, Justice, Compassion, and Environmental Protection.”

I hope to embody these values and engage Antioch residents in District 1 and abroad to make sure we are being inclusive, compassionate and protective of our environment and community.

Thank you Marsh Creek Democratic Club!

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Contra Costa Labor Council


I am very honored to have the endorsement of the Contra Costa Labor Council

Since 1959 the Contra Costa Labor Council has been the local body of the AFL-CIO and coordinates a regional body for labor cooperation and unity. As a membership organization, the Contra Costa Labor Council serves as a coalition for over 85 labor unions and represents more than 80,000 union members and their families right here in Contra Costa County.

As City Council Member for Antioch I will be dedicated to ensuring that our workers and their families are included in helping to shape the future of Antioch. Together, I believe the right change is to be completely holistic and identify where our budget is not working and reorganize our budget to reflect our values.

I believe having many opportunities for meaningful work with livable family raising wages is crucial to reducing gun violence and the school to prison pipeline.

Meaningful work creates a healthy thriving Antioch.

Thank you Contra Costa Labor Council!

Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton


“I met Tamisha Walker over 7 years ago on a night walk to reduce gun-related violence in the city of Richmond. I have had the opportunity to watch her leadership as she advocated for reentry resources for individuals seeking second chances. Tamisha is committed to reducing violence in communities and reimagining public safety to meet the needs of all residents. I believe that Tamisha will serve the people of Antioch with great integrity, brilliance, and progressive leadership.“

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action

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I am honored to have the endorsement of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action. (ACCE) Action is a grassroots member-led community organization dedicated to raising the voices of everyday Californians to fight for neighborhood policies that improve the quality of life for all.


Covid-19 has created a double crisis for both renters and homeowners. I hope I can represent Antioch residents and actively work to bring solutions to our communities. I am committed to raising the voices of all residents in Antioch because I believe housing is a human right. I look forward to working with ACCE Action towards innovative solutions and improvements to our communities’ quality of life and sustainable housing.

LAMBDA Democratic Club

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I am honored to have the endorsement of the Lambda Democratic Club of Contra Costa County. The LAMBDA Democratic Club is the first and only countywide LGBTQ! Democratic Club in Contra Costa County.


I am committed to advancing the rights of all those who are underserved.  I want Antioch to be a loving and caring community for everybody.  I will work hard to make sure those who have been disenfranchised and exploited based on their gender non-conforming identity will have my attention in finding solutions and uplifting you all as part of our community


Thank You LAMDA Democratic Club!

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California Democratic Party of Contra Costa

I am honored to be endorsed by the California Democratic Party of Contra Costa. Our commitment to improving our state and democratic values is met with my dedication represent historically underrepresented individuals like me and my neighbors and embody what an inclusive democracy can look like.

Black Women Organized for Political Action

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I am honored to have the endorsement of BWOPA, Black Women organized for Political Action. BWOPA’s Mission is to activate, motivate, promote, support and educate African-American women about the political process, encourage involvement and to affirm our commitment to and solving of those problems affecting the African-American community and community at large.


I believe when truly authentic powerful black women leaders run and win elected positions our communities change for the better. We change towards being more loving, compassionate but also an understanding of being responsive and solving problems in a timely manner. In order to truly solve our problems is to organize our community so we are heading towards the same vision of our community. In this effort, and through all of the endorsements I truly am feeling my community becoming organized.

Our Revolution Logo Contra Costa.png

Our Revolution

I am honored to have the endorsement of Our Revolution Bay Area


Our Revolution Bay Area is organizing a political revolution to challenge the power of plutocrats and prioritize the needs of people and planet. Having been born and raised in Richmond, California in the shadow of the Richmond refinery I know all too well what happens when government prioritizes their corporate relationships over their people. In my time organizing and still working in Richmond ensuring that our democracy and government works for the people and is by the people is part of my values.

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Sierra Club Bay Chapter

I am honored to have the endorsement of the Sierra Club Bay Chapter. The Sierra Club Bay Chapter is one of the oldest environmental organizations and the Bay Chapter has been more active not just environmental stewardship but also environmental justice in the bay area in the recent decade.


A Just Transition is needed for all of our movements. A Just Transition means understanding how the actions of yesterday impact the situations we are in today and how they are all interconnected together. Our decisions to build prisons over schools and support centers shape our future. I am committed to making decisions that foster a Just transition so that we can move towards a sustainable environment and economy.

Friends of Scott, Alexis Taun Hall

FOSATH Endorsement Header Only.jpeg

I am honored to be endorsed by Friends of Scott, Alexis and Taun Hall. (FOSATH) formed shortly after the death of Miles Hall who was killed on June 2,2019 by the Walnut Creek Police Department while in a Mental Health Crisis. In honor of Miles Hall FOSATH

‘s mission is to enable equitable outcomes for Black, Indigenous and people of color.


As Antioch’s representative I will be committed to ensuring that mental health services are being resourced and that our community can create healthy opportunities for prevention of crisis but also be equipped to respond to crisis situations without the loss of life.


Thank you FOSATH.