Executive Director of the Safe Return Project

The Safe Return Project is a non-profit that works to dismantle the mass incarceration system and utilize those funds towards resourcing rehabilitation, and prevention in the community. 


Multiple program non-profit that recruits and trains formerly incarcerated community members on how they can organize change by conducting policy research and their own first hand experience. Trained over 500 Contra Costa residents in community organizing strategies for change.

Impacted over 30,000 formerly incarcerated community members, began a fellowship program and has impacted over 90 million dollars in local and state budgets.

Collaborating for Big Changes

Part of several coalitions for the last decade from working on state-wide campaigns. Proven track record working across multiple coalitions, and a diversity of people.

Proposition 30

(education Funding for School with high percentages of English language learners, free and reduced lunch, and foster youth)

Proposition 47

(Bill that over turns most drug felonies to misdemeanors and save millions for education, mental health services, and victim compensation)

Assembly Bill AB218

(State Wide Fairness in Government hiring to reduce barriers to employment for those with criminal histories)


Helped organized and be part of a community-wide effort to stop and prevent violence in our community.

School to Prison Pipeline

Built a coalition in local high schools and formed the Richmond High Schools BSU (Black Student Union) and the (African American Student and Parent collaborative). We improved the academic achievement of African American Boys and Girls with the following partners: Alive & Free: Omega Boys Club, the County Health Department, and Youth Services Bureau.

District Attorney Engagement

Lead the effort and collaboration  within the Lift Up Contra Costa Coalition to engage and empower community members to impact and participate in the District Attorney’s race.

Notable Recognition
  • National Campaign Leader for Bay Area PICO lifelines to Healing to end Mass Incarceration and gun violence


  • 2017 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Award


  • 2018 Black Elected Officials Shine Award Recipient


  • 2019 Rosenburg Foundation Leading Edge Fellowship Recipient

In the News

Covid-19 Hit 

During COVID-19 has distributed over $30,000 in resources to support children and families struggling during this pandemic. Made phone calls and made sure to step up for the most vulnerable communities left behind by the government. Pointed out critical flaws that would set up our community to be on the frontlines of getting infected and returning with no resources and a way to truly reintegrate back into our community.



The tragic death of Black life and it’s impact on our communities can maybe bring an end to this cycle of injustice and terror on black communities. Tamisha helped organize with faith leaders and continue to do so a webinar series #blackhurtmatters to give a platform and voice to much needed spaces for black community leaders. 


Defunding the Police to resource the community. 

Organized protests to protect vulnerable children and inmates from further being exploited by the profit hungry prison industrial complex. We all know how this system impacts our community unfairly and I have worked tirelessly to dismantle and make sure our communities get hte justice they deserve.

 Volunteer and Get Involved! 

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  • Delivering Lawn Signs

  • Phonebanking

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