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Friday Tea at Ten

Join Tamisha Walker every Friday at 10 AM leading up to the election and get a chance to join  the conversation about the right changes the city needs to make.
Come make yourself heard, and be a part of helping Antioch make the right choices.
Friday Tea with Tamisha: Women Ready To Lead 

August 28, 2020 at 10am

Tamisha Walker is City Council Candidate for District 1 in Antioch, California. In an effort to be accessible to the community during Covid-19. Tamisha hosts a virtual tea time with key community leaders. This week's episode covers women ready to lead in Contra Costa.

Resourcing Community Safety Budget

September 4th, 2020 at 10am

This Live Broadcast is for residents in Antioch California. Tamisha Walker is a City Council Candidate for District 1. Despite the pandemic Tamisha would still like to engage residents and hopes to talk about key issues in Antioch every Friday at Ten AM. This week is dedicated to resourcing public safety. Tamisha Walker will talk about her experience reducing community gun violence through programs like Ceasefire and help us unpack how every community regardless of where they come from deserve to feel safe and able to pursue opportunities and full lives right here here in Antioch.

Immigration and Sanctuary Antioch

September 11th, 2020 at 10am

This Friday’s Facebook Live with Tamisha will be about Antioch, immigration and Sanctuary Cities. Ali Saidi from the public defenders office as well as Tony Bravo from the Truth Act Forum will join us in discussing about immigration policies and what it means to be a Sanctuary City.

Antioch and the Environment

September 18th, 2020 at 6PM

This Friday Tamisha will be on hiatus for Tea at Ten with Tamisha. Joining as guest host will be Ratha Lai Executive Director of Critical Impact Consulting. He will be bringing his several years of experience working in Environmental Justice and will be joined by Susana Williams, Paul Seger Director of the Diablo Water District and Monica Atkins Organizing Director of Climate Justice Alliance. We also will have a cameo appearance by Andrés Soto Community Organizer from Communities for a Better Environment and Doria Robinson Executive Director of Urban Tilth. Let's talk about Antioch, climate change, and what is going to be on Antioch's City Council's environmental justice agenda this upcoming year!

Public Works and Services (Police and Fire)

September 25th, at 10am

This week's webisode of Tea with Tamisha in Antioch California, Tamisha will discuss public works, services and policing in Antioch and District 1. Hear from Tamisha as she brings community members concerns to discuss how Antioch can improve and ensure services for youth, senior residents, mental health, police and fire safety.

Small Businesses

October 2nd, at 10am

This Friday Tea with Tamisha is all about small business in Antioch. Tamisha knows the importance of a thriving small business for the entire community. For a community member being able to create your own business, freedom and work is important for a healthy and thriving Antioch.


October 9th, at 10am

This Episode is about how blacklivesmatter and blackhealingmatters. What do we mean by healing? What do we mean by being able to recognize systemic trauma, harm and create policies that correct and promote institutional healing. Tamisha hopes to bring her experience as Executive Director of the Safe Return Project to contribute to the conversation of how we can heal from the trauma and terrorization black communities face. 

 Volunteer and Get Involved! 

We need help with:

  • Delivering Lawn Signs

  • Phonebanking

  • Door Flyer Hanging

  • Hosting Fundraisers

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