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PLATFORM for a stronger DISTRICT 1 

We have gotten the district moving in a direction that we all can be proud to call Antioch home.

Together we have worked tirelessly on an application and secured almost

$1.8 million from the California Violence intervention and prevention program to help reduce and prevent gun violence in Antioch.

We also Secured $300,000 in Juvenile Justice crime prevention act funds as part of a course we are on to make sure our young people have a safe and secure future in Antioch!

             BUT WE ARE NOT DONE!


We are on the path to make Antioch a place anybody can make a home. I believe we can come to fair solutions everyone, from homeowner to the houseless.  is going to take a renewed effort. With the peoples’ concerns being heard, to all level’s government; city to federal working together to come up with solutions.

I want to continue make sure all of our voices and concerns are being heard. That we will continues to fight for Renters Protections. That we look at our Houselessness problem in our city personal, as a reflection of how we want to be treated. Continue with transitional and housing models that make sense and do everything with the City Councilmember’s power to leverage solutions that are inclusive for everyone.


I still believe that making sure our youth have the resources they need to grow up with the best chance for success, is the greatest investment we can make to ensure a solid future for the city of Antioch. We have already made strides to give them the ability to have a future by securing $300,000 in Juvenile Justice crime prevention act funds. But there is so much more we need to do. I want to make sure our city is doing what they can to make sure the youth services and programs we have on the books are implemented sooner than later. We look for ways to stabilize the families in our district with youth and family programs like bring in a YMCA. and other resources so our youth have options and choices for their present and future.

We want to be serious and purposeful about the importance of developing a healthy strategy for violence prevention and cutting the school to prison pipeline. I have the experience and courage and with the help of the community in District 1 we can ensure a legacy in Antioch we can all be proud of!

Capitol Investment in District 1

I have a proven track record of being able to analyze complex public government financing and organize a base of community supporters and academics to develop research and policies to identify and fix harmful and wasteful spending.

The next four years we want make sure we take steps to invest in our district. We need to take a look at developing an infrastructure that not only improves the look of our community but also revitalization to the economy in District 1 and the city of Antioch. With honest and responsible investment in our community, I want to make sure our District continues to have a representative in Antioch City Council that is going to make sure Antioch will not be forgotten but invested in.

A strong city is only as strong as the weakest district

Economic Development

Strong leadership is going to play a big part in the growth of District 1 and our city. Having the vision and the courage to follow through is going to be critical combination in the economic growth our District and city. We can’t only think about bringing in small businesses, but we have to make sure they are the right kind of businesses that will help promote positive grow in our District and the city.  Foster programs that will encourage small business incubation with women and minorities. To make sure we cannot just attract small businesses to our city we should look into developing job training programs to ensure our readiness to fill those new positions.

Volunteer and Get Involved!

We need help with:

  • Delivering Lawn Signs

  • Phonebanking

  • Door Flyer Hanging

  • Hosting Fundraisers

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