"I know that our government is far from perfect and good families can and are being left behind and struggling. I believe this is unfair and as a life-long community advocate I have both the experience and knowledge of what it takes to make the right change in our community. For the last ten years I have worked across multiple coalitions and collaborations to create meaningful change for everywhere I call home. Antioch is my home, and I want Antioch to be home for my family through multiple generations. I hope I can get you involved in not just voting for me, but also being part of this change together. I have organized communities to speak at public hearings and I would be honored to serve the community and create change as A City councilmember for Antioch’s District 1. "
Invest in Antioch

We are in an unprecedented moment unlike we have never faced before. I know how important fiscal responsibility is.

I have a proven track record of being able to analyze complex public government financing and organize a base of community supporters and academics to develop research and policies to identify and fix harmful and wasteful spending.


With the economy and restructuring of budgets I want to make sure our community is going to have a representative in Antioch City council that is going to make sure Antioch will not be forgotten but invested in.


School is different this year, I know as a parent I am concerned about my child’s education and balancing school amidst a pandemic has already proven to be challenging. I want to let you now that I want to be open and able to find collaborative solutions towards making sure everyone’s needs are met. I know this is going to take hard work and I am ready to take that on.

Sanctuary Antioch

“Know our Rights”

I want to work as hard as I can to make Antioch a Sanctuary City. I want to make sure we do not cooperate with agencies associated with separating families such as I.C.E. I believe our city and if elected as city councilmember I will make sure we take a stance on protecting families not separating them.


I believe that resourcing our youth is investing in our future. I want to make sure our city is doing what they can to make sure there are youth services and programs and resources so our youth have options and choices for their present and future. This is such an important strategy to violence prevention and curbing the school to prison pipeline. I have experience doing it when my family lived in Richmond and I want to do it here in Antioch for generations. 


I want Antioch to be a place anybody can make a home. I know we are in a double crisis for renters and homeowners. I believe the solution is going to come with immense collaboration with people from all levels to coordinate aid from the federal government and the state. As your representative I want to make sure all of our voices and concerns are being heard and do everything with the City Councilmember’s power to leverage  solutions that are inclusive for everyone.


As we continue toward a possibility of 2021, Covid -19 is still a responsibility that requires us to make sure we are active and ready to respond in ways that preserve life.


I do not want to make Antioch an environmental sacrifice zone. We all deserve clean healthy air, water, land and that sense of safety and sustainability. I want to be a good steward of the environment. That makes sure preserving our natural resources and ensuring our investment goes towards communities that have been underserved and underrepresented.

Reimagining Public Safety

Too often our communities' stories and experiences are not heard on mainstream television. Safety means feeling safe, not under threat and terror.There is so much disfunction, harm, trauma and toxicity in the relationship between police and people that the only sensible conclusion is to re-imagine this relationship with the value of feeling truly safe in our communities. This has been a big part of my life’s work to re-imagine public safety. With several communities undergoing this right now, I believe my combination of experience, compassion and hard work can help Antioch make the right choices and become a leader in transforming our community.

Volunteer and Get Involved!

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