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Antioch City Council District 1 City Council-Member Tamisha Torres-Walker Election Acceptance, Food

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, December 15, 2020


Tamisha Torres-Walker – Antioch CouncilMember District 1, 510-493-3875,

Ratha Lai – Public Relations Liaison, 510-313-3144,

Antioch City Council District 1 City Council-Member

Tamisha Torres-Walker Election Acceptance, Food Resources and First 100 Days

The 2020 elections in Antioch California is the first year Antioch has moved to district elections. District elections allow for residents to elect leaders who live directly in the community they are going to represent. I live in District 1 and I am honored and humbled to be elected by my neighbors to the Antioch City Council and represent my District and all of Antioch.

During the campaign my team and I walked and knocked on countless doors in District 1 and I still couldn’t reach enough people. Everybody I talk to has so much to say, which signals to me that they have gone unheard for far too long.

We were also encouraged to know that many community members from outside District 1 reached out to find more information on the campaign and talk about the change needed throughout all of Antioch.

We are in an unprecedented time where Covid-19 has drastically altered the reality of our conditions. The Right Choice for Change campaign in Antioch is a campaign for all of Antioch. What started at District 1 has become part of the entire rallying call for change in Antioch.

I believe we should all be encouraged that Mayor Thorpe has adopted the platform for the Right Choice for Change campaign and this signals to the community that we are being heard and I am looking forward to having Mayor Thorpe’s support in ensuring that our City Council diligently works towards these goals.

In the same moment of being sworn in, I was shocked to learn that Lucky Supermarket will be closing its doors on December 24th. As a mother in this community I am very concerned about food security for everyone in Antioch.

Losing a grocery store like this is already creating a crisis in the community. I have heard from residents how this will burden them by having to travel farther for fresh and healthy food and add to the food insecurity of our residents amidst another stay at home order.

In response, my team and I reached out to Lucky and confirmed their closure. No jobs will be lost and employees will be offered relocation. No further information was given on a return.

Given the urgency of this situation my office reached out the Contra Costa Food Bank and received a list of FREE FOOD resources in Antioch.

We created a map for the public’s convenience and can be accessed on our campaign Facebook @Tamishaforantioch and on our website

We also have the commitment to work with the Contra Costa Food Bank to ensure that no resident in Antioch goes hungry when they do not need to.

I officially begin my office in January 4, 2021 and will prioritize the following goals for the first 100 days.

Accountability of our City Government

During my campaign I have been held accountable to my actions, especially with the last ten years. As a newly elected council-member I want to invite this level of accountability from my colleagues in City Council.

I look forward to hearing from Mayor Thorpe how the council can be collectively held accountable to the current state our community is in and uncover how exactly the last ten years has created the reality we are in now and how we intend to make the right choices for change in Antioch.

Responding to Covid-19 Crisis, like food insecurity, housing and public safety measures.

Our community has endured a lot during the pandemic. I want to make sure I am active in being connected with our community’s needs and hope that my colleagues understand the urgency to address Covid-19 in all it’s ways it’s impacting our community. That means we need to protect our must vulnerable senior residents and those with health conditions and our frontline essential workers.

We need to work with our small businesses to adapt to the pandemic environment and be prepared to reopen safely when the stay at home orders ends.

We need to make sure there are no evictions happening and both renters, and landlords who rent to families are being reached out to and working a way to bring aid to make sure everyone can stay housed and receive services.

Establish a Human Rights Commission

Establishing a human rights commission allows our community to create safety, connection and accountability. I believe the more connected we are as a community the more we are able to create safety and address harm. Also we have to have commissions to ensure we are being held accountable to the human rights of all community members.

Begin development for a Youth Resources Center.

Our youth is our future. I believe our community benefits when our youth is healthy, happy and prepared to succeed as adults. Having resources for youth to access to make sure that their most important years of development can be nurtured can drastically increase the positivity for the youth in our community.

I am honored to serve my District and Antioch as a whole. I encourage all residents to not stop at the election but stay engaged and show up to City Council meetings and call on us Council-members to make the right choices for change.

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