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Black Lives Still Matter: Change Needed


Contacts: Tamisha Torres-Walker – Antioch Council-Member District 1

Ratha Lai – Public Relations Liaison, 510-313-3144

Black Lives Still Matter: Change Needed

Over the past week I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and concern for my family’s well being. My family is safe and we appreciate the support.

In a climate where we are still a year into a pandemic, and the country is still healing and out in the streets for black lives matter and many BIPOC communities here at home and across the Country have had years of mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement, you would think that we would have seen a change in this aggressive behavior and tactics by now.

A routine traffic stop should not be escalated to a life-threatening situation.

Our police department needs to change the way officers will use excessive force as a tactic that has been shown to escalate and lead to much more tragic scenarios when black people are involved

We have seen George Floyd lose his life violently by the hands of police. Tamir Rice lose his life because officers failed to recognize a child with a toy gun versus a real gun and a threat. Officers broke and entered into and shot and killed Breonna Taylor. Officers in San Pablo misidentified an innocent 17 year old nearly beat him to death.

I thank God that my children are safe, but what if they weren’t?

We should not have to wait for tragedy to strike when enough lives have been needlessly lost to police brutality and aggression.

We hold ourselves accountable in our homes, jobs and communities and police officers need to take accountability for their actions just like all of us.

This situation that happened to my sons happens to others. This is one of the reasons why I ran for City Council. To represent community members who have been silenced and dismissed on this issue.

The use of profanity is a reflection and triggering outcry of a black mother in fear of losing her sons and becoming another tragedy. It is rare for me to be vulnerable to that level however this issue struck at my family and continues to strike at many others.

We need community policing where police are held accountable for their mistakes and take responsibility and own their change. I believe our police department and Police Chief can lead and make the right choice to recognize aggressive policing and make the necessary changes that preserves and respects it’s community member’s lives and safety regardless of the color of their skin, or level of income, right or wrong.

We are building a better Antioch where everyone in our community is treated with respect and dignity.

I want to thank everyone again for the support and concern.

I want to let Antioch Residents in District 1 who voted for me and supported my campaign that this situation has given me more resolve and strength to move forward and continuing to serve the community and bring accountability and reveal issues that have been long dismissed and overdue for change.

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